El-Haramain for chemicals and modern paints was established in 1988 by Mr. / Mustafa Rajab, the company is one of the largest manufacturers of paints and chemicals in Egypt, with a capacity of about one million liters per year and includes dozens of employees in the cadres and is one of the companies specialized in the manufacture of paints high-quality materials and assistance and aid.

The company also owns two factories for the implementation of the paints and also retail outlets distributed throughout the country ..

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Biobond Biostone Bioton Bioton mat
Seler Techer Gravito Plastic
H.Office & Factory : Tanta - Bassyon.
Mobile : +2 040 273 2669
+2 010 170 9860
+2 010 000 2768
E-mail : info@elharamain-paint.com
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